Mission, goals and Values
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Mission, Goals and Values

Research & Development is an extremely fascinating and privileged activity, open to everyone’s contribution without discrimination, but at the same time it may also be demanding and financially risky. It is indeed frequent that strong ideas on paper miss their chance to be investigated thoroughly for their potential benefits due to lack of appropriate resources. JF2A Chemical Consulting is aware of the complexity of this sector and aims to deliver tailor-made solutions to its clients to meet their demands. Its mission is to become a dynamic platform, where a growing request for multidisciplinary services may meet the matching offer, in a virtuous cycle generating business opportunities, professional development and an expanding network of potential strategic partners.

This platform operates according to the following 4 values:



All the exchanged information is protected by an NDA signed before the beginning of the operations.


JF2A Chemical Consulting firmly believes in building and open and honest professional relationship with its clients. Starting from a thorough analysis of the request, clients will be informed about every decision regarding the plan of action and deadlines, which will be meticulously described and mutually agreed.


JF2A Chemical Consulting guarantees continuous availability and updated feedback upon request.


In research, time is a pivotal aspect for the success. JF2A Chemical Consulting is therefore committed to handle every request with the highest priority to provide its feedback for the customer’s best interest.